Parents in HISD take on the district to require RECESS!

These stories pop up with too much frequency.. Parents are talking, but are districts listening. After a year long fight with Cypress Fairbanks ISD last year, the result was a mandate that each elem. school in the district was required to have students on the playground for a minimum of 20 minutes. Yet, I hear stories daily of children being pulled without parental consent for TEST prep for the new STAR test. I hear of students being pulled from RECESS for tutoring, being made to stay against the wall of a hallway for 15 minutes in place of RECESS because a few students talked while getting in line in the cafeteria. And I observe all the time, playgrounds around the district, including the one my children attended pulling children off the playground after a mere 12-14 minutes. It is blatantly obvious that the districts and principals are feeling the heat for a competetive SCORE on “the test”, all the while forgetting that they are not paying a price for their poor judgement and decision making, but our children are!!!
Here, HISD Parents urge neighboring Houston (HISD) to REQUIRE daily recess. What is evident to parents is ignored by school districts, it is our hope that through the petitions, the research, the pleas of these parents, all children will eventually have a TRUE and PROPER RECESS while being held in a school for 7 plus hours a day. I still, can not personally fathom how a principal can require students of the precious ages of 5-12 years old to sit still in classrooms from 8 am until 3 pm without a reasonable break. A break that these same principals take without ever giving it a thought. It was common place for our principal to be found in the hallway conversing freely with teachers, parents and students, a break the students in her care DID NOT get. It was common place for teachers to leave the school building to grab a quick lunch and enjoy it on their off period, a luxury the children did not get. Again, in case you have not read previous posts, TEACHERS (for the most part) give way more than they get.. They take work home with them, they care and are stuck in a system that does not allow for their creativity and passion to blossom. They are held to the standard that students not achieving these ridiculous “goals” are a direct correlation to how well the teacher performs, which is bogus on all accounts. As a former teacher, I know all too well the factor that home life plays on a child’s attention, focus, responsibility, and caring about school, I know the challenges teachers face and the blame game that happens in all districts. I also know how each district TEACHES to THE TEST. This is not the TEACHERS fault, yet it is their responsibility and they are stuck in the middle of a very bad case of schools doing what is best for their image, and not what is best for our children. And yet districts wonder why students drop out, are obese, loose passion for learning, THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL!!!

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Restoring Recess

I hope you have been enjoying a play-filled summer with your family. It has been so evident to me during these few months away from school, just how much children learn and grow during play that it emphasizes just how important the fight for RECESS is for our children’s overall wellbeing.

In our local fight to SaveRecess, it was a long difficult year. It was August of last year that I was blindsided by a principal who took our children’s recess time away in favor of more “Time to the TEST” well, actually she gave us 3 reasons which she later rescinded. There I was naive about the policies and procedures and just going with the flow when out of nowhere this principal announced the changes to our children’s RECESS at the kindergarten parents breakfast on the first day of school. It was the beginning of our 6th year at this school and this decision did not sit right with any of the parents in that room. There has been a minimal amount of hate mail and condescending comments from some, but there has more importantly, been NO shortage of support, signatures on petitions, and concerned parents and teacher’s gratitude that has carried me personally through this time. When all reasons this principal gave for shortening recess began to be discounted she relied on the statement that being honest with parents was her greatest weakness, it was easy to see that RECESS was a scape goat – a chance to gain a few extra minutes here or there for more test prep. But, as a mom of 4 elementary age children I know just how important that break is during the stressful school day. And the few minutes gained to task do not outway the detriment to the children’s overall wellbeing. There is really no justification for shortening a recess period when a district allows for up to 30 minutes. Just asking a group of 70 children in a recent survey what was their favorite subject in school, 90% said RECESS. I spend a fair amount of time recalling my own childhood and sharing stories and laughing over the silly moments from playgrounds and classrooms with my kids. In those moments, as my kids are giggly and imagining the fun and sometimes crazy recesses I enjoyed as a kid, I know that the stand I took on behalf of all the students in our school and district was worth every agonizing and challenging moment last year. Proudly, I can say students returning to elementary schools later this month will get to benefit from the signatures, hours of research, school district meetings, committee meetings and confrontations.

Over the summer, CFISD finally decided to require a 20 minute MINIMUM “on the playground” policy for the 2011-2012 school year as was the recommendation made by the SHAC (student health advisory committee) back in February. In addition, if you have read this site at all, you can recall the horrible decision my principal made to allow students in our school to be removed from “non academic” classes, such as Art/MUSIC/Recess without any communication to the parent, no consent was required by our principal to have our children removed from those classes to be placed in “in-school tutoring” if they feared your child would not pass our state standardized test. Well not anymore, now, communication and consent are required before a teacher/principal can remove a child from their normal class schedule for things such as tutoring. Additionally, our principal had shortened our “large group” which consists of PE/ART/MUSIC and they are done on a rotation (but each school has to insure their students get the number of minutes required by the state in PE class. So the principal’s decision to shorten these classes caused our children to no longer meet the state requirement. This principal (and a few others in the district) tried to solve this by having the students RUN LAPS in place of either ART/MUSIC each Tuesday. Well, thankfully the district made the policy that Large Group classes are to be returned back to their full 55 minutes and students will not have to “run laps” in place of either Art/Music. These changes are absolutely done in the best interest of all the students in the district. By the end of the year (right around state testing) our principal had started having teachers use “taking away of recess” as a punishment for students who did not “study” the required minutes for the state testing. This will not be tolerated by the district anymore, either.

It was obvious to parents in our school that our principal might have been feeling the pressure to come in with new policies and carelessly put poor policies in place without thinking of the repercussions. Possibly having fallen into the trap that the test scores, the school ranking, was most important her judgment was probably not the best at the time. As it has been made well aware here at SaveRecess, there is no shortage of media addressing the issue of RECESS, locally, and nationally. Similarly, there is research on every aspect of play and its value for children most especially during the rigors of a school day. Recess is in danger across America for one reason alone, those with the power to shorten it or take it away do so in favor of increasing more “time to the test”. It is the position that the more time the students are forced to stay on task (at a desk or table inside a classroom)- the better their test scores, the better their test scores, the higher the school ranking (the better the principal appears), the better the district ranking (the better the school district administration appears), the better the districts do, the better the state education system appears… And so on, but the misconception here is that appearances matter in the WELLBEING of our children. This problem starts at the top, as pressure mounts against the American Education system because of its falling in its global rankings. Those in a position to institute real change are having their hands forced and are scrambling to fix a failing system. It has become a system that is delegating standards and score systems and testing mandates leading to corruption and scandal and sadly it is causing those in office to forget that at the center of this great debate are the lives of millions of children. It is our children’s happiness, their social development, their ability to adapt and process information, their ability to think critically, problem solve, find and use their creativity and innovation, all are being hindered for the sake of APPEARANCES.  Apparently even the Texas Chair on Education, Rep. Rob Eissler has fallen prey to “appearing” to care for what is best for our children, but in reality, when questioned about HB3770 which he SOLELY REFUSED to give a hearing that would MANDATE RECESS for all Texas school children stated, “We try to leave these things to the discretion of the people running the schools, those who are the people closest to the kids.” What Rep. Eissler forgets, is that WE PARENTS are in fact, closest to ‘the kids’ and we, sir, have voices to institute change for the benefit of our children.  Rep. Eissler may have also fallen into the trap of appearances. What a sad day it is, when this has come to be the case.  One parents comment a while back, was that she was simply stunned that those in the education field (or those in public office) seem to think “kids don’t need to play”, another questioned the rationale in “not giving kids a break” when they (the adults) all get breaks at the ‘office’.  Sometimes it just stumps me, how administrators, district personnel, principals can be so blindsided to the benefit of RECESS. Perhaps its not the lack of knowledge that RECESS is BEST for ALL children, perhaps they choose to focus on merely an outcome that matter on paper, and they forget the hearts, minds and wellbeing of the children they are here to serve???

I don’t know that there is any amount of research (because its already out there) that would wake up administrators, school board presidents, departments of education, senators and congressmen to the harm that is being done as a result of removing RECESS, and the lack of PLAY is having on our developing children. The scientific and neurological data is there, offering proof of focus and retention of material after periods of play and rest from the stress of academia. The behavioral research is there, offering proof of the attention to detail, the increased time on task (less fidgety), and the cooperation there is in classrooms. The sociological research is there, offering proof of the strategies that are simply disappearing from our children’s lives that otherwise would enable them to better handle peer pressure, conflict and social behaviors. It’s time for more districts to take the lead like is being reported. It is time for the message of, KaBooms CEO Darrell Hammond to spread into every community in America. KaBoom is responsible for the building of over 2000 playgrounds in communities across our country. And it is because of the efforts of his organization, and the likes of Playworks and countless others who have picked up the baton that the movement to SAVE and RESTORE PLAY and RECESS is as strong as it is today. The efforts of SaveRecess in CFISD was only successful because of the advocacy support these organizations have to offer. I am hopeful, that as more parents take a stand for their children and the children in their communities that not only will RECESS be restored, but neighborhood playgrounds will be filled with the laughter of our future generations as they embark on the best times of their lives. Play on….

As your children begin their school year, ask about the RECESS POLICY in your school and district. If you need any support or information on how to advocate a positive change in your school or district RECESS POLICY, feel free to contact me and I will aid you with as much information as I can and offer as much support as I am able. We have a long way to go still, but this is a big step in the right direction. Long live RECESS!

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Pressing on…

Recess continues to be at the forefront of parents minds even as the school year winds down. In a conversation recently, I was rather pleased to find parents who supported the move to reinstate a FULL RECESS in our school district, but felt they didnt have a voice, and they were glad to hear SAVERECESS continues to stand up for the children and is pressing on.. And that is exactly what we are doing, PRESSING ON! In the meantime, HB3770 went to bed quietly as a direct result of Mr. Eisler, REP from Woodlands/Conroe area (& house Ed chair) denying a hearing for the bill. Amazingly, though there is much support both in the Texas House and Senate for a mandatory RECESS in Elementary schools and we are confident it is just a matter of time before there is a bill in place in Texas to safeguard our children’s basic rights..
At my children’s school the situation hit down right ridiculous just prior to the ALL MIGHTY TAKS test. Here is just one example:
My 5th grader was taken off the playground for RECESS because he didnt have a signed TAKS study guide slip. What this means, the principal who, at the beginning of the year calmed parents with claims that “recess wont be taken away from your kids” must have obviously CHANGED her mind. The voice recording from my sons teacher went like something this, “We told the students that if they didnt have a parent sign off on TAKS study timesheet nightly they would have to study during RECESS instead, but your son refused to come off the playground because he said, you told him not to.” Well, yeah I did tell him that, after my daughter had been being removed from Art/Music and RECESS for months without my permission OR consent, yeah I told him that…. But wait, didnt the principal say she would not have kids taken out of RECESS, may be that all falls back on the comment she made, stating “my biggest mistake was being TOO honest with my parents” so I guess being deceptive is better? And what makes this story more ridiculous, my son spent the night before at the Horizons showcase with his teachers til almost 9pm. No changes have been made in our shortened recess, just last week the 4th graders were out for 12 minutes and the kindergarteners for 9 minutes. Its just sad that as parents we have to validate the need of this “down time” to ADULTS, grown educated adults, who I guarantee have more “downtime” in their day that they provide to our children.
For 9 months the voice of parents in CFISD have fallen on silent ears but there is hope. Hope that the school board will do right by our children and enforce the recommendation of the SHAC (as required under Texas law that the SHAC meets and discusses and makes formal recommendations to the school board annually). The recommendation was voted for back in February and we are still awaiting a date and or more information as to how and when this recommendation will be made. With a vote of 27-6 the SHAC officially voted in favor of a “20 minute active-on the playground” recess across the board at all elementary schools in CyFair. Since February, hundreds if not thousands of kids in CFISD have little RECESS at the hands of principals who feel the pressure to make certain their schools perform to high standards on the TAKS tests. The high pressure they feel translates to overwhelming stress on all our children who are asked to give 110 % and who deserve this minimal time of 20 minutes to just be kids and de-stress from the pressures of the classroom. So much research goes to show that the breaks provided by RECESS only increase a students focus and academic retention. Research and articles are coming out weekly about RECESS:
Is more RECESS the answer to academic woes?
CNN: why kids need RECESS
NAESP: why recess matters and how to defend it perhaps my principal isnt part of the NAESP?
Lost outdoor RECESS leading to childhood STRESS
Prisoners in TX get more downtime than students
Crisis in Kindergarten: why kids need RECESS
How movement grows the brain
US dept of Ed: Recess and Importance of Play recommend 20 minute minimum RECESS during school

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House Bill 3770 Mandatory RECESS for Texas children!

House Bill 3770 will require 20 minutes of unstructured RECESS for ALL children in Texas.
How incredible that as we fight for recess in Houston, there are other parents across our state fighting the same fight. An awesome mom in Mesquite is just one of those, and it’s because of her efforts that there is now a bill in the House that needs your help. It is called House Bill 3770 you can read more about her efforts here. Thank you state representative, Cindy Burkett for seeing the importance of free unstructured play during the school day and valuing our children and the WHOLE child which our education system is to serve.

And you can sign the petition to the State and House Reps here.

Please pass the word – send emails, ask for friends and neighbors to call their legislators, it is that important, and if you wonder why it is so important, why I have launched myself into an uncomfortable yet necessary position this past school year, look no further than a note I received from my 8 year old 3rd grader.

“Dear Mommy, I cant take it anymore, please help me I am so sad at school, I cant do anything, I am so stupid, I always fail, I hate this mommy please help me, I am scared I won’t pass tax test, I hate this, please is there a school with no stress, please mommy.”(tax test – is actually TAKS test – the texas standardized test – but how appropriate of a mispelling on her behalf)
What is this system doing to our children. A wonderful retired teacher who read this, said she had never seen such a plea from a young child. I understand that this 8 year old is not ALL 8 year olds, but how sad a day is it in the state of an education system that this is how a child feels about school. As an 8 year old, I remember running on the playground, studying for spelling tests and practicing my multiplication facts, I do not remember a year spent preparing for a single test to determine if I learned enough to be promoted to the next grade. There were tests, lots of tests – tests on the state history, tests on grammar rules, tests on science experiments, there were weekly tests, and there were those bigger unit tests, but I never spent an entire school year being pressured into passing ONE single test like my daughter.
What does this have to do with RECESS, well RECESS is a great big part of a child’s school day, as noted by conversations shared with me by dozens of parents. Like, “You know how your childs day was at school because of how they talked about recess” or “Recess is so important to my child’s success that when I ask how was their day its the first thing they talk about”, and “Recess is where my son lets go of his stress so that he isnt miserable the rest of the day”. Recess has always had its place in the school day but as the pressure for schools to perform has shot of the logical and reasonable charts, principals and administrators in an effort to maximize every minute of the school day, reduce or eliminate all free unstructured time from our children’s day. What ever happened to the old adage that “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”? The research is endless on the positive effects this time has in the life and academic success of our children. My 8 year old was being removed from her non academic classes and recess without my knowledge because her school administrator felt she was at risk for failing the TAKS test.. WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE, she suffered weeks of stress induced TORTUROUS test prep – and I wondered why her personality had shifted and she was withdrawn at home, we wondered why she fought against homework and was more agitated. As we questioned her over time she finally told us what her school was doing and how her schedule had changed. This is just another example of how the school is not putting the child first, but the TEST first. The school had NO remorse over removing my child and blatantly said, they did not need parent permission to remove a child from class. But if there were a law in place to guarantee my child gets that 20 minutes of MUCH NEEDED RECESS, they could not remove her from the playground without my consent. As I speak with other parents they too agree that the administration is further removing themselves from serving the overall needs of our children – THE WHOLE CHILD – but simply looking at our children as a way to achieve STATUS.. One parent put it this way, “If this many # of children pass the TAKS test, then our school will be EXEMPLARY”.. but to a parent what makes a school exemplary – is one who nurtures the whole child, one who values the whole experience school provides, both in the classroom and on the playground, in the art class and on the gymnasium floor….

Please support the passage of House Bill 3770 by signing the petition, calling your state representatives, and forwarding this information to anyone you know in Texas. Several states have already passed similar legislation this session, and we hope those elected in Texas follow suite and stand up for the children in Texas.
Sign the petition here.

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Misconceptions in CyFair…

When a principal states her biggest mistake was being too honest” with her parents, that doesn’t bode well for the state of the school district and its current policies which allow principal based decision making at each campus.  Each day thousands of children are entrusted to these public school principals and if being too honest is a problem for him/her it should be a giant red flag to us parents.  I was simply appalled at the meeting when these comments were expressed and I walked away with greater concern for the whole state of the school and it wasn’t long after that those concerns were confounded, yet again. 
At our campus, our large group was shortened from the normal 55 minutes to 50 minutes, which means we no longer are able to meet the state mandate for PE (structured physical activity).  Because of this, all students on our campus now spend Tuesday RUNNING LAPS, and what we are told is ‘because of logistics’ this is the best possible way to get these lost minutes in during the week.  But, logistically, nothing changed on our campus from last year to this year, (and last year our campus actually achieved an exemplary rating) yet our children have LOST half of their RECESS, LOST 5 minutes a DAY in ART/MUSIC/PE and additionally now LOOSE Tuesdays in which they would normally have ART/MUSIC – further stripping them from creative outlets and necessary breaks from their academic stress. 
Furthermore, I was very shocked that my children were being pulled from class (art/music/pe and recess) without my knowledge or my permission for academic tutoring.  I am all for giving a little extra help where help is needed, but NOT without my consent.  The children in this district are stressed beyond measure over test scores and merit and are loosing out on the best part of their childhood and educational experience.  I am appalled at the state of a district that allows this behavior on an elementary campus.  These are our children before they ever become students within a classroom and parents should, at all times know the schedule and changes to said schedule for any of their children in those buildings. 

My 5 year old asked me over the weekend, ‘mommy, when is summer?’  I asked, why don’t you like school, “well I like (insert teacher name) but school is too long and its NO FUN!”  This from a kindergartener who has 13-18 years of schooling ahead of him, no wonder the drop out rate is as high as it is, no wonder parents are moving away from schools where principals don’t respect the WHOLE CHILD, no wonder we have a generation of young adults who don’t know who they are or what they want to be…. The system is robbing them of their childhood and as parents and citizens we should be outraged.   Parents of CyFair, we have a voice and we can be heard…
Sign Petition Here

ALL elementary campuses are reducing RECESS… NOT TRUE, many elementary campuses honor a FULL 30 minute RECESS allowing their students an average of 25 minutes ON the playground.
Your child’s schedule SHOWS a 30 minute RECESS so that indicates they are getting FULL use of that time…. NOT TRUE, according to a document released BY THE SCHOOL DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION, schools TELL parents they have a 30 minute RECESS, but time on the playground varies from as little as 9 minutes to an average of 15 minutes, with the exception being those schools whose PRINCIPALS CHOOSE to allow full use of this 30 minute window.
MOST campuses have shortened LARGE GROUP… NOT TRUE, only a select few campuses have done this and not all HAD to because of ‘logistics’.
You know where your child is while at school based on their schedule… NOT TRUE, there is NO policy which requires PARENT permission to pull a child from a “non” academic course such as RECESS/MUSIC/ART, this can be done and is being done across the district on all elementary grade levels.

“Play is the highest form of research.” Albert Einstein

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Where have all the children gone?

Where have all the children gone?
the lonely playground

I miss the way they would run to me when they burst out the door
I miss hearing the stories and dancing to their song
I miss the way they were so ready to come and explore
Where have all the children gone?

I miss the way they hopped up and down eager for a ride
I miss the days their scribbles of art would just come alive
I miss the way they cheered as they ran in stride
Where have all the children gone?

I see them coming, I am hoping today is the day
that they can come out to play
but sadly, they just walk on by so silently,
heading straight inside and forgetting us again.

I miss scoring the winning pass
I miss the jumping and chanting and cheers
I miss the kickballs and games of chase
Where have all the children gone?

I miss the giggles that filled the air as they would climb high
I miss the way they gathered around to pick teams
I miss the rides that soared up to the sky
Where have all the children gone?

I miss the balls bouncing and the swish with each score
I miss the way they always said I was the best at hide and seek
I miss the sounds of happiness that we just couldn’t ignore
Where have all the children gone?

I hear the school bell ring and wait for recess to start
but we are left alone with our broken heart
I see them coming, but they head to the track
while we stay and beg for them to come back.

Where have all the children gone?

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Where have all the children gone?

A 5 year old has only 9 minutes of playground time in CyFair ISD.
A 10 year old has only 12 minutes of playground time in CyFair ISD.
These aren’t rare occurences, these are the everyday policies enacted by principals on elementary campuses throughout this school district. This is not benefitting our children, not promoting valuable and necessary social skills, and not providing the adequate brain break that our children need. So what is this school district to do about this problem? That is the question presented at the last school board meeting and we are hopeful that the members of the CyFair School Board will favor a restated policy that requires principals to leave our children on the playground for the longest possible duration within the current 30 minute policy. You can read over and over again on this site, in particular, about the reasons why RECESS is gaining national attention – its TOO important to get rid of in the lives of our children.
A group of parents talked with me recently and the number one consensus was that those at the DISTRICT level, and those in ADMINISTRATION, and those serving in our state and nations government, have lost touch with childhood and the children they serve. Instead, they have shifted focus from EDUCATING our children to MEETING TEST SCORE GOALS. TEST SCORES do not determine a child’s productivity, passion or desire for learning. TEST SCORES do not determine a persons success later in life. TEST SCORES have taken our public education system away from the teachers and put it into the hands of those making legislative decisions based on budgets and mandates, simply to put on paper that we, as a country, are globally competitive. Why do the TEST SCORES have anything to do with RECESS – well specifically here in CYFair ISD, RECESS is being cut, ART/MUSIC is being CUT all because principals say there IS NOT ENOUGH TIME TO PREPARE FOR THE TESTS. Education shouldn’t be about THE TEST, and it has been scientifically proven time and again that RECESS and CREATIVE OUTLETS such as MUSIC AND ART, enhance children’s overall academic performance.
In CyFair, they have favored shortening LARGE GROUP – this means that not only do the children have less time each week in ART and MUSIC but also, on a day that they are suppose to have one of the shortened ART/MUSIC classes, they are instead RUNNING LAPS to make up for missing Physical Education Class mandated minutes of STRUCTURED ACTIVITY. It may seem like a minimal change, taking 5 minutes away each day – but in the scheme of things the children are being removed from another creative outlet and BRAIN BREAK to be run around a track. These children, as is shown by studies in the last 10 years, benefit mentally, physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially by being given these necessary breaks DURING their stressful academic day. According to the NASPE they recommend NO LESS than 20 minutes of UNSTRUCTURED FREE PLAY and encourage MORE. According to the Am. Academy of Pediatrics, they recommend 60 minutes of UNSTRUCTURED FREE PLAY.
According to Dr. Pellegrini, (U of Georgia, Child Development Professor) “Every study shows that children are more attentive after recess” (Johnson, 1998, p. A16). Pellegrini adds that not having a recess during the school day is almost inhumane because children are being kept confined in their classrooms for hours each day. Prolonged periods of confinement in elementary classrooms have been found to lead to increased fidgeting, restlessness, and subsequent inability to concentrate (Pellegrini & Davis, 1993).

So, the questions remain, what are principals gaining by taking this valuable time away from our children? That is an answer we would like the school district to address. There are 7 hours in a child’s school day. In that 7 hours, according to the CyFair ISD website, these students are to have 5.5 hours of “instructional” time. They are to have a 1 hour block for LUNCH/RECESS and then there is a 30 minute window already at the principals discretion. MORE INSTRUCTIONAL (TEST PREP) TIME.. What is there to gain for these principals – because this is NOT the case at ALL the elementary schools within this district. If a principal is to say he/she values what FREE UNSTRUCTURED time provides to our children, then TAKES AWAY HALF of that FREE UNSTRUCTURED PLAY from those same children, I would have say that there MUST BE A REASON… It is obvious that the children DO NOT benefit from such a change – as is stated and cited in RESEARCH DATA over the past 10 years. What is to gain from these minutes ADDED to instructional time that THESE children NEED – that children at other schools within this same district DON’T need? Is it because some of these schools are TITLE 1, if so, should the parents opposed to shortened RECESS and RUNNING LAPS in place of ART/MUSIC move to a school within the district that is NOT TITLE 1, so their children can benefit from a FULL RECESS and FULL ART/MUSIC??
Where is the consistency? Where are these children being treated fairly? Where is the line that says, we value our children as CHILDREN and NOT just as TEST TAKERS? These children are subjected to rote and memorization for the purpose of passing a standardized test, a test that says you are ALL the same. But our children are individuals and a LOT of who they will become is being formed as they are in schools during these 7 hours of each day. And RECESS as FREE UNSTRUCTURED PLAY holds one of the largest influences on how well they do in school and how they develop socially. And it is our shared belief, that shortening of RECESS (and Art/MUSIC) will be a detriment to all the children walking the halls within CYFair for years to come.

Thank you, KaBoom for recognizing the efforts of SaveRecess…
as Playmaker of the month

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