Misconceptions in CyFair…

When a principal states her biggest mistake was being too honest” with her parents, that doesn’t bode well for the state of the school district and its current policies which allow principal based decision making at each campus.  Each day thousands of children are entrusted to these public school principals and if being too honest is a problem for him/her it should be a giant red flag to us parents.  I was simply appalled at the meeting when these comments were expressed and I walked away with greater concern for the whole state of the school and it wasn’t long after that those concerns were confounded, yet again. 
At our campus, our large group was shortened from the normal 55 minutes to 50 minutes, which means we no longer are able to meet the state mandate for PE (structured physical activity).  Because of this, all students on our campus now spend Tuesday RUNNING LAPS, and what we are told is ‘because of logistics’ this is the best possible way to get these lost minutes in during the week.  But, logistically, nothing changed on our campus from last year to this year, (and last year our campus actually achieved an exemplary rating) yet our children have LOST half of their RECESS, LOST 5 minutes a DAY in ART/MUSIC/PE and additionally now LOOSE Tuesdays in which they would normally have ART/MUSIC – further stripping them from creative outlets and necessary breaks from their academic stress. 
Furthermore, I was very shocked that my children were being pulled from class (art/music/pe and recess) without my knowledge or my permission for academic tutoring.  I am all for giving a little extra help where help is needed, but NOT without my consent.  The children in this district are stressed beyond measure over test scores and merit and are loosing out on the best part of their childhood and educational experience.  I am appalled at the state of a district that allows this behavior on an elementary campus.  These are our children before they ever become students within a classroom and parents should, at all times know the schedule and changes to said schedule for any of their children in those buildings. 

My 5 year old asked me over the weekend, ‘mommy, when is summer?’  I asked, why don’t you like school, “well I like (insert teacher name) but school is too long and its NO FUN!”  This from a kindergartener who has 13-18 years of schooling ahead of him, no wonder the drop out rate is as high as it is, no wonder parents are moving away from schools where principals don’t respect the WHOLE CHILD, no wonder we have a generation of young adults who don’t know who they are or what they want to be…. The system is robbing them of their childhood and as parents and citizens we should be outraged.   Parents of CyFair, we have a voice and we can be heard…
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ALL elementary campuses are reducing RECESS… NOT TRUE, many elementary campuses honor a FULL 30 minute RECESS allowing their students an average of 25 minutes ON the playground.
Your child’s schedule SHOWS a 30 minute RECESS so that indicates they are getting FULL use of that time…. NOT TRUE, according to a document released BY THE SCHOOL DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION, schools TELL parents they have a 30 minute RECESS, but time on the playground varies from as little as 9 minutes to an average of 15 minutes, with the exception being those schools whose PRINCIPALS CHOOSE to allow full use of this 30 minute window.
MOST campuses have shortened LARGE GROUP… NOT TRUE, only a select few campuses have done this and not all HAD to because of ‘logistics’.
You know where your child is while at school based on their schedule… NOT TRUE, there is NO policy which requires PARENT permission to pull a child from a “non” academic course such as RECESS/MUSIC/ART, this can be done and is being done across the district on all elementary grade levels.

“Play is the highest form of research.” Albert Einstein

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