Parents in HISD take on the district to require RECESS!

These stories pop up with too much frequency.. Parents are talking, but are districts listening. After a year long fight with Cypress Fairbanks ISD last year, the result was a mandate that each elem. school in the district was required to have students on the playground for a minimum of 20 minutes. Yet, I hear stories daily of children being pulled without parental consent for TEST prep for the new STAR test. I hear of students being pulled from RECESS for tutoring, being made to stay against the wall of a hallway for 15 minutes in place of RECESS because a few students talked while getting in line in the cafeteria. And I observe all the time, playgrounds around the district, including the one my children attended pulling children off the playground after a mere 12-14 minutes. It is blatantly obvious that the districts and principals are feeling the heat for a competetive SCORE on “the test”, all the while forgetting that they are not paying a price for their poor judgement and decision making, but our children are!!!
Here, HISD Parents urge neighboring Houston (HISD) to REQUIRE daily recess. What is evident to parents is ignored by school districts, it is our hope that through the petitions, the research, the pleas of these parents, all children will eventually have a TRUE and PROPER RECESS while being held in a school for 7 plus hours a day. I still, can not personally fathom how a principal can require students of the precious ages of 5-12 years old to sit still in classrooms from 8 am until 3 pm without a reasonable break. A break that these same principals take without ever giving it a thought. It was common place for our principal to be found in the hallway conversing freely with teachers, parents and students, a break the students in her care DID NOT get. It was common place for teachers to leave the school building to grab a quick lunch and enjoy it on their off period, a luxury the children did not get. Again, in case you have not read previous posts, TEACHERS (for the most part) give way more than they get.. They take work home with them, they care and are stuck in a system that does not allow for their creativity and passion to blossom. They are held to the standard that students not achieving these ridiculous “goals” are a direct correlation to how well the teacher performs, which is bogus on all accounts. As a former teacher, I know all too well the factor that home life plays on a child’s attention, focus, responsibility, and caring about school, I know the challenges teachers face and the blame game that happens in all districts. I also know how each district TEACHES to THE TEST. This is not the TEACHERS fault, yet it is their responsibility and they are stuck in the middle of a very bad case of schools doing what is best for their image, and not what is best for our children. And yet districts wonder why students drop out, are obese, loose passion for learning, THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL!!!

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One Response to Parents in HISD take on the district to require RECESS!

  1. Carmen Roadarmel says:

    I completely agree. I am more frustrated as ever at how much the allotted time for recess is taken away from our children. If the weather is too cold, too hot, or it’s too muddy outside, the teachers in each grade decide to stay in. What is worse is they watch TV when they are indoors! When are our children moving when they are sitting and watching a video during their 20 minute recess break? Why is this ok? This tells me that the guidelines put in place are only on paper and certainly aren’t consistently followed.

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